Anonymous asked:
How does it feel suck a cock?

Ok. Let’s imagine meadow. with beautiful, nice smelling flowers anywhere. Just after small rain. Now there’s shining sun and double rainbow in the sky and wind is gently blowing throught your hair. Can you feel the beauty of this moment? Yep? So, sucking cock is absolutely different! :

Well, BJ makes the other person happy and satisfied. And it’s up to you, how good it will be and how much both of you enjoy it. It’s little bit same as giving presents. Like these ones, which brightens the others’ one day. So, if you more likely give than receive and it makes you happy do the others happy, blowjob is fcking incredible,¬†extremly enjoyable, OhIt’sLikeHeaven,¬† thing to do. :))

Anonymous asked:
You're so pretty, and you have an amazing body! Damnnnn keep it up girl (:

yay! …I should do some workout to keep it or make it even better ^^

bel201058 asked:
Do you have snapchat, cutie?


Anonymous asked:
I miss your beautiful face :-(

haha, I miss it too!

redhome93 asked:
Really are you a guy? Haya you are awesome hun ;)

Last time, when I checked it, I was :(…so, really ;) Thanks :*

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