Anonymous asked:
You're a very pretty girl, I want to sleep beside you and hold you close all night.

If you don’t snore, why not…:D

Anonymous asked:
You're so beautiful :-) prettier than most girls lol. You have fantastic everything ;-) I wish you'd post more pics so I could see more

*blushing*  umm….. *hug* thank you *turn around and with evil voice* DO YOU HEAR THAT GIRLS? I’M BETTER THAN MOST OF YOU! HAHAHAH!  :D

..but maybe you know only bad looking girls ;)

Anonymous asked:
Would you like a dick in your mouth and one in your ass while I suck yours?

Sounds great, let’s do it:P

cockloversissy asked:
You are gorgeous!! Have you got kik?


and thank you :))

guymain asked:
Youre fucking gorgeous and I can not get enough of you. Keep it up you sexy thing

I like it. Being called sexy :3 but don’t call me thing…I’m alive!:P lady/girl/weirdcreature is much better :)
…but thanks ^^

dguerra678 asked:
Hi, you're really cute and I really love your outfits! Can't wait to see more pictures! :)

and have you seen all my pics?:P if no, check them! if yes.. check them again!:D  …and another new one will be there tomorrow :))

86325733 asked:
You have such a hot ass, I'm a straight guy and I want to fuck it!

But anyway it means, that you wanna fuck girl and that’s normal for straight guys ;) :P


Mum found some of my clothes and said:„If you don’t wanna wear them, you can give them to me” :D:D

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